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Carved from shells, coral, and lava, cameos were crafted in all the ancient civilizations, and came back into fashion during the Renaissance.

They became widely popular in the Victorian era when the wealthy, particularly young men just out of university and honeymooning couples, were taking the The Grand Tour of Europe.

Tourists from Great Britain, Northern Europe and the Americas traveled to Greece and Italy to experience the artistic and archeological marvels of ancient times, and they would take home cameos as souvenirs, works of art by extraordinarily skilled craftsmen that emulated, even surpassed, those works of the ancient world.

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Cameo #001
Large oval Victorian shell cameo depicting angels, 18K yellow gold
78 x 61.5 mm
Cameo #002
Victorian off-white-on-beige shell cameo, female profile, set in a 10K yellow gold diamond-shaped filligee frame
58.7 x 47.00 mm
Cameo #003
Victorian white-on-brown shell cameo brooch depicting an armed Athena, gold frame
51.4 x 43.0 mm
Cameo #004
Victorian white-on-beige shell cameo brooch with high-relief female portrait, yellow gold vine-and-leaf frame
55.0 x 45.0 mm
Cameo #005
Victorian white-on-brown shell cameo brooch depicting the Diana of Versailles, silver frame
69.5 x 49.0 mm
Cameo #006
Large oval Victorian coral cameo brooch, delicate female profile, 10K gold frame
83.5 x 60.0 mm
Cameo #007
White-on-brown hardstone cameo brooch depicting the head of the Apollo Belvedere, 14K gold frame
35 x 26 mm
Cameo #010
Victorian white-on-black hardstone cameo ring, 18K yellow gold frame, English hallmarks
30.0 x 22.5 mm
Cameo #013
Hardstone Victorian cameo brooch, white-on-grey high-relief portrait, yellow gold, 57.8 x 47.0 mm
Cameo #011
Seven-panel Victorian coral cameo bracelet, 14K yellow gold, graduated cameo sizes